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Navigate through the Benefits System

Understanding how the benefits system works is not an easy process. We are here to help you easily understand what is the best option to use when it comes to renting mobile homes through Housing Benefits/ Universal Credit.

Completing the HB and UC forms

SPH provide easy and efficient support to complete Universal Credit, Housing Benefit and welfare support documentation and we will help you to fill the HB/UC forms and check your eligibility for residential mobile homes.


SPH will help all our tenants and applicants to find the correct legal authority and assign you to the right council around your area.

Liaise with councils

SPH are the middleman in the communication process between councils and tenants and will assist over the phone or through messages if special needs are requested to complete your applications and paperwork.

Aftercare and Mobile Home Transportation

When SPH finalise, the main applications mentioned above, we assign you to the mobile homes of your dreams and ensure that this will be delivered to your mobile home site and provide excellent tenancy services for the duration of your stay and excellent upkeep for your home. SPH have an in-house team of repairs specialists that are available to assist for any relevant issues with the mobile home, should they arise.

Our Tenancy Process

Our tenancy process shows the way we handle your enquiry and what is required in order for you to move in to a new home.

Our marketing team will test your eligibility for rental home by checking LHA rates, HB/UC eligibility and securing your personal information.

We will help in completing your Order Form.

Our benefits team will follow up with you, contact the factory and transportation team to ensure your home is delivered on time.

We send your order to a factory,  where the team starts building the brand new mobile home. We will let you know when the home is due to be delivered.


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We provide FREE calls through our website.
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